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I am a Pen Lady. A freelance writer, editor, avid reader, and movie lover.

Large audiences worldwide can see the same movie or TV show. Each takes away something entirely different from the viewing experience, like looking at an inkblot. Reviewing anything is subjective, as well. The power a well-crafted story can have on a viewing audience is a long-accepted truth. There are many working parts to cinema and television, but it all starts with the idea that a writer gives birth to. The creations pull a viewer in without effort and captivate us from beginning to end. It’s like magic, really. 

The world has become impatient and centered on instant gratification. A minute after something has aired or been released, there’s someone out there spoiling it. Spoilers kill the magic. I won’t spoil anything because my reviews will come a month after a project’s (U.S.) release date. Ideally, this is plenty of time for someone to catch up, have a night off, or whatever the case is, and enjoy. By coming to my blog, you can read what my impression was of a project compared to your own. However, I want to go further than just new releases. All content is new to someone at some point. Kids will experience the Harry Potter films for the first time even though it has been out for years. The same way people still find and enjoy Terminator 2, which has been around for decades. 

Crafting reviews without spoilers, I hope you, my reader, will check them out and expand your watch list. In turn, when you talk about what you’ve watched, you’ll learn how to talk about it without killing the magic for someone else. Unless the people you’re talking to have seen what you’ve seen, in that case, nerd out!